How can we add value to your ACOFAS membership? We are adding a new feature to the ACOFAS web-site. You will receive a letter from our Administrators, Mr. Bill Henry and Ms. Lucille Debiak.

There will be a form that we are asking all ACOFAS members to complete which will provide information regarding:

Your information
Your business
Your web-site and Photos that include:

1. You

2. The exterior of your building

3. The interior of your building

4. Work you have completed and would like people to see, and anything else you are proud of and want us to know about.

This information will be added to the ACOFAS web-site in two places. The first place our membership information list. When someone clicks on your name in the membership list, all of this will be available to them. The second place is: during the year our Media Chairman will be featuring a member on the web-site. Your information will be available so every member will be familiar with you and what you do.

When you receive this letter and form from our Administrators, please respond as soon as possible!

Thank you for your cooperation,

Christopher Schutt —- Media Chairman
Gordon Botts —- Education Chairman
Phone: 1-815-745-4191

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