Sold15 Agenda / January 25th 2015 / Las Vegas

SOLD15 Agenda Announced

Sold15 (Service Opportunities Learning Days) will commence at 12:00 o’clock noon on Sunday, January 25, 2015 at the Mirage Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be the third year for this event which has had in excess of 300 Service Shop Owners and Managers attend in the past two years. This year Sold is expanded and reaching out to a much larger audience.
On Sunday at 12:00 noon Mr. Robert (Bob) Greenwood will conduct a Heavy Duty Workshop Business Management Session focusing on “Elevating Service Excellence” and “How Productivity Mathematics Measures Service Results”.

The topics addressed will be:
• The direction the industry is going: Elevating Your Mechanics to Professional Technicians.
• The five building blocks required to assure change in a heavy-duty shop environment: vision, ability, motivation, resources, and an action plan.
• Business procedures and formulas that focus on net income development.
• Competitive pricing for profit: the most important formula for success that you’ve never heard of.
• Heavy Duty Shop Site Efficiency: What is it? How is it calculated? What does this specific number mean to our TEAM?
• Cost to the business: wage perception vs. wage reality.
• Technician wages vs. profits generated. This number will surprise you!
• Two non-negotiable staff attributes required to build the right shop culture that are never discussed.
• How to establish internal service accountability, which leads to total client satisfaction.
• Key attributes for a successful shop from management to building long-term success.
• Setting the right objectives to build a client-structured heavy-duty shop business.

Mr. Bob Greenwood is an internationally recognized expert in shop management and efficiency. He has been awarded the Northwood University Automotive Aftermarket Management Education Award for 2003. He also was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for Industry Professionals who have distinguished themselves as highly respected by community and industry leaders.
The management program will be followed by a cocktail hour for attendees to have the opportunity to meet Bob, as well as the presenters for the Monday morning program.

Monday, January 26, 8:00 a.m. will open with Leo Thomason, co-founder and Executive Director of NGVI (Natural Gas Vehicle Institute). Leo is known world-wide as an expert in natural gas fueling and vehicle technology. The first priorities for maintenance and repair shops owners is to ensure the facilities are constructed or modified the code and safety requirements for natural gas vehicles. Because of the contact with natural gas vehicle systems and storage, maintenance technicians must have full knowledge of how these fuel systems work and how to safely perform maintenance and repairs.

The topics to be discussed include:
• Properties of natural gas and how it differs from liquid fuels.
• Safe working practices for technicians.
• NGV fuel system operation.
• Industry best practices for known safety issues.
• Vehicle facility requirements for safely maintaining and repairing natural gas vehicles.

9:20 a.m. will bring Original Equipment Manufacturers vs. Aftermarket panel discussion, which will include eight top executives. The OEM providers will be represented by top executives from: Hendrickson International, Hutch Industries, Reyco/Granning, and SAF Holland/Neway. The Aftermarket providers will be represented by top executives from: ATRO, Automann, Dayton, and Triangle. The discussion will be moderated by Mr. Tom Smego, SKF Industries Director of Canadian and U.S. Aftermarket Sales. This will be a very interesting panel discussion regarding design alterations, distribution channels, and many more topics. A survey will be sent to all members of ACOFAS, Fleet Pride, HDA-Truck Pride, SSA, TARA, and Vipar Heavy Duty asking for relevant questions. We welcome questions from the attendees provided they have been previously submitted for relativity.

10:40 a.m. will a showcase of the top five tools for the 2014 year. This segment will be hosted by Mr. Tony Molla, Vice President of Communications for ASE. Prior to November, 2014, SOLD15 will be conducting a survey amongst technicians from ACOFAS, Fleet Pride, HDA Truck Pride, SSA, TARA, Vipar Heavy Duty, and readers of Fleet Maintenance, Truck Parts & Service, and Heavy Duty Trucking magazines. This survey will ask: Which tool has most positively impacted your job in the last year? We will tabulate the survey answers and ask the manufacturers of the top five tools to present their product to the attendees.
The program will conclude at noon.

Watch the web-site for updates.

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