ACOFAS will be presenting a Technician Training Clinic focused on “Proper Alignment
Procedures” later this summer, on August 20 th and 21 st , 2019 in Lafayette, Louisiana. This two day event is being hosted by Lafayette Spring Company, Inc., 1517 W. Willow Street, in nearby Scott, LA.

As with all ACOFAS technician clinics, this training event will have both a classroom component and a “hands-on” opportunity to better teach your technicians the proper ways to perform an alignment, as well as gain firsthand experience in putting these skills into practice.

The classroom sessions will be instructed by James Roark, owner of Akron Wheel and Frame, and Gordon Botts, owner of Botts Welding and Truck Service, Inc. The “hands-on” training will be presented by Bee Line Company Trainer, and ACOFAS member, Chris Schutt.

The most basic question is: What is an alignment? We all know that it is the process of ‘gauging and correcting’ to insure that all axles are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the vehicle centerline. What technicians frequently overlook is that this means gauging and correcting all aspects of the frame, from front to back and top to bottom.

When your customer walks into your business and asks for you to align their truck, you need to know what their complaint is. Are they complaining that they are experiencing difficult handling of their truck or are they complaining of excessive tire wear? Educating the customer of all processes that may be required to correct the alignment is important. Too many truck owners have been educated in the tire shop mentality of “set the toe and let it go”. Your first job is to educate the customer of all the things you are going to check on the vehicle prior to any corrections.

The topics to be covered during the classroom sessions will include:

  • Vehicle inspection: steering components, tires and wheels
  • Steer axle suspension
  • King pins and wheel end play
  • Steering gear and linkage
  • Drive axle suspension
  • Chassis frame
  • And much more

The “hands-on” instruction, to be presented by Chris Schutt, will provide real life experience for your technicians in the following areas:

  • Inspect and calibrate front & rear axle alignment equipment
  • Review the use of a computerized laser alignment system
  • Review and perform vehicle pre-assessment
  • Identify tooling used for caster and camber set-ups
  • Set up and adjustments of caster and camber (including toe-in adjustment)
  • Rear axle alignment (setting up gauging)

ACOFAS wants to thank Matt Andrus, owner of Lafayette Spring Co., Inc. for generously offering to host this event.


For additional information or to register to attend, please contact Gordon Botts at 815-482-4255 or at .

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