ACOFAS is an organization dedicated to the growth and development of technicians in the Frame and Alignment industry, also promoting training and awareness of the newer technologies that are being implemented into newer vehicles.

ACOFAS  The American Council Of Frame and Alignment Specialists is involved in Technician Training.  We are an all volunteer not-for-profit corporation .  We conduct two, training classes every year that take up 8 hours the first day and 6 hours the second day.  All of our training programs are conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The focus of our programs is always determined by our members and their technicians.  We have repeated courses when there has been a demand.
ACOFAS was founded by four Service Garage Owners that recognized the need for training programs for technicians and wanted to give back to the industry that has given all an opportunity for a good living.  Our first training program was in April 2006, since that time we have held 13 training programs, involving 465 technicians, 11 locations, and 68 trainers.  As of April, 2011, ACOFAS has fifty two member companies, with an average of 12 technicians per shop. 


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