Register for November 15/16 Betts ACOFAS DOT Training HERE

Register for this training HERE If you employ skilled technicians providing them with advanced technical training and education on a regular basis is a value add to elevate your business. Truck technology is advancing at a rapid pace, one which many industry insiders struggle to match with proper training. To supplement, many service providers have turned to vendors to deliver on-the-job training to avoid loss of revenue due to this education. This can feel appealing … Continue reading

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DOT Safety Inspection Clinic

 YOUR SHOP—2018: Your technicians just concluded a complete suspension rebuild of a customer’s road tractor. They replaced the king pins. They replaced the springs, pins, and hangers. They replaced the bushings on the tandem air-ride suspension. They aligned the tandems to the steer axle. They set the toe, set the caster and corrected the axle camber. All is good! You completed an expensive repair and now, you are ready to send a happy customer out … Continue reading

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Reminder: Membership Dues

REMINDER To those of you who have already submitted your 2018 Annual Dues for ACOFAS, many thanks. To those who have yet to respond, remember that all ACOFAS training sessions, such as the one listed above, are offered at a reduced rate to those companies that are members.  Please refer to last month’s Newsletter and attachment regarding reduced dues and free banner orders. Remember: ACOFAS 2018 Dues are due by April 15, 2018.

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